Has learning to fly always been on your bucket list?  If so then Cornerstone Aviation is the right place for you.  Our flight school is not structured only for flight career bound students.  We are here to bring quality ground and flight instruction to anyone who wants to learn.  Whether achieving your private pilot’s license is your ultimate goal or you think that an instrument rating might also be in your future we can accommodate your training.  Our in person ground school courses are taught by highly qualified ground instructors.  This Part 141 training can save you money in your journey as well as giving you the opportunity to work with other students to achieve your goals.  If a structured ground school course doesn’t work for your schedule you are welcome to pursue your flight training Part 61 with any of our outstanding flight instructors one on one. 

Please come in and take in introductory flight and ask questions of our instructors and office staff to help you decide what route is best for you and your flight training.  You will have the opportunity to fly with an instructor who may be newly qualified through collegiate or Cornerstone training or a current or retired airline or military pilot.  This is the vast experience you will find in our instructors.

Once you have earned your private pilot’s license you are also qualified to rent any of the Cessna 172s in our fleet for personal flights.  Or, get qualified in our Cessna 182 and add a little more power to your adventures.

You can inquire about setting up and intro flight or getting signed up for a ground school course by contacting our Salt Lake office at 801.355.2244 or our Ogden office at 801.622.1222.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your flying goals, no matter what those goals might be!

If you have any other questions about this program, please feel free to contact CSA today.

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