Whether you are looking to get a $100 hamburger or to take a friend up for sightseeing in scenic Utah, Cornerstone Aviation can help you rent an airplane to fit your needs. We offer our Cessna 172 and 182 fleet for rental. Take a moment to view our current fleet pricing.

Prior to renting an aircraft, you must do the following:

* Due to current fleet capacity, you must be a registered student to rent aircraft.

  • Hold a valid pilot certificate and FAA medical to be qualified to act as Pilot in Command of the aircraft
  • Present your medical certificate, pilot certificate, logbook records showing your last flight review, and experience in the type of aircraft you would like to rent. We will keep copies of these documents on file. We will also need a copy of your driver’s license and your birth certificate or passport
  • Complete an open book questionnaire on the make and model of aircraft to be flown
  • Apply for and receive an airport badge for the airport you are looking to rent out of. To endorse you for the badge we will need you to present documents complying with the I-9 acceptable documents linked here. We will also collect a deposit for the airport badge, payable to Cornerstone. The amount of the deposit depends on the airport you are renting from. This is typically a 5-14 day process from the time you submit your badge application to the time you receive your badge
  • Perform a ground review and checkout flight with a Cornerstone CFI. The CFI will look for you to demonstrate ground knowledge and flight proficiency to safely operate the aircraft in question

Present proof of non-owned liability insurance. Please contact us for the current insurance limits required to fly a Cornerstone airplane

The checkout flight will be billed at our standard rate for airplane rental and CFI instruction by the hour. You can view our current fleet prices here.

A separate checkout for each make and model of aircraft is mandatory. The Cessna 182 does require a five hour check out.  The only exception is for a checkout logged with Cornerstone in a similar aircraft. For example, a C172S checkout is valid to rent a C172N.

To maintain rental currency, Cornerstone requires at least one rental flight every 90 days. If 90 days have passed since your last rental, another checkout will be required.

Note that flight instruction is only permitted in Cornerstone aircraft if it is conducted by a Cornerstone instructor with an enrolled student.

If you have any questions about rental through Cornerstone or to schedule your checkout flight, please fill out the form below.

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