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College Credit

CSA is the exclusive fixed wing flight school of the Salt Lake Community College. CSA, in cooperation with SLCC, offers students the ability to receive college credit for flight training courses and licenses. CSA students can complete an Associates of Science degree in the Professional Pilot Program while completing the Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engine Rating, and Flight Instructor certificates. Students then have the option to matriculate into any four-year University program, transfer the CSA/SLCC college credit, and receive a Bachelor’s Degree.


In fact, when comparing the CSA/SLCC training program to four-year aviation Universities, students are able to complete all their flying in their first 2 years of college, rather than the typical 4 years of flying at universities. CSA ensures that students have flying at their top priority, so they can quickly build flight time and advance into an aviation career as fast as possible.

For more information regarding college credit, visit the Salt Lake Community College website or call (801) 957-4073.

In addition to obtaining a college credit, students will have access to the financial aid, academic counseling, and support infrastructure of the fourth largest community college in the nation. Salt Lake Community College has the resources, through its financial aid department, to offer its students federal and state grants, federal students loans, federal work study, institutional scholarships and non-institutional scholarships in addition to traditional loans,

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