SkyWest RTP Program

Rotor Transition Program, now offering $20,000 in tuition reimbursement for fixed wing transition training!

There has never been a better time for an experienced military helicopter pilot to transition to commercial aviation. Together, CSA and SkyWest Airlines offer up to $27,500 in bonuses and tuition reimbursement for military rotor transition pilots as they train, completing their R-ATP requirements in approximately 4 months.

Military rotor pilots who are hired by SkyWest through our rotor transition program will have the opportunity to quickly advance from first officer to captain. Pilots can upgrade to Captain in as little as three months, as soon as they have FAR 121-436 requirements. Learn more about what SkyWest can offer RTP pilots.

CSA Rotor Transition Program in Partnership with SkyWest Airlines

  • Enroll in CSA Training Program. Get started now! You can also call directly at 801-355-2244
  • Start Training at CSA
    • Estimated 4 months of training time is based on zero hours of fixed-wing time; will be customized for any prior fixed-wing experience.
    • Join SkyWest’s Pilot Pathway Program and receive program benefits including access to SkyWest pilot mentors, an enhanced introduction to SkyWest and increased company seniority.
  • Interview with SkyWest prior to completion of R-ATP requirements and receive ground school date with SkyWest Airlines.
  • Begin Training at SkyWest
    • Complete ATP-CTP training with SkyWest.
    • Complete ground school and aircraft specific training.
    • Complete initial operating experience (IOE), receive $7,500 bonus.
  • Fly as a commercial airline pilot based at one of SkyWest Airlines’ 18 domiciles

Financing the Program

  • SkyWest provides $20,000 of tuition reimbursement in advance and a $7,500 bonus upon completion of IOE.
  • The $20,000 of tuition reimbursement is contingent upon successful completion of IOE and two years of employment at SkyWest Airlines.

Get started today!

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