Rotor To Fixed Wing Transition Course

The aviation industry is wonderful, there is no doubt. Full of enthusiastic individuals who all share the same joy of flight. Pilots have plenty of options these days regarding their training and type of licenses they can earn. Although there is nothing wrong with becoming a rotor pilot, the harsh reality is that if you want to pursue a career in aviation, fixed wing aircraft might be a better choice.

One isn’t better than the other, but there are simply more jobs available with the aviation industry in regards to fixed wing. This is where CSA is here to help you. We are introducing our new Rotor To Fixed Wing Transition Course to help those who are helicopter trained, but have now realized that there are more airplane jobs available than rotor wing jobs. All of our courses are FAA Part 141 and VA Approved with many of them offering accelerated studies. 

Contact CSA today, or call directly at 801-355-2244 for more information. You can get started on your transition and be one step closer to a new career in fixed wing aviation!