Private Pilot Ground School

Our next weekend only private pilot ground school starting next Saturday. This Saturday only class meets in SLC from 9am – 1pm for 10 Saturdays. Larry will be the instructor.

Pricing is approximately $12.50/ hour which is the best deal in town. Cost is $449 plus textbooks.

Please note that CSA also offers to all their students that they may repeat the entire ground school course or attend any lessons they choose a second time for free if they just want a review—-providing they do it within 12 months of when they started taking it the first time.

CSA works very hard to provide the best training possible for all our customers. Pricing is always an important element of consideration, but safety is of our utmost concern. CSA wants their students to learn to become a proficient pilots so that they will be safe when they take their family and friends on flights.

Additionally, some schools say they are cheaper; yes they rent their planes cheaper than CSA.  However, because of CSA’s FAA Part 141 approval and the excellent syllabi students will actually save money flying with CSA even if the planes cost more.

FAA Part 61 schools require that you have 250 flight hours in order to get your Commercial Pilot Certificate. With CSA you can do it all in 188 hours. That’s over 60 hours less flying. Their planes aren’t cheap enough to make up that difference.

Contact CSA today at 801-355-2244 and let’s get started!