Pilot Questions: Transitioning from Rotor to Fixed Wing

Our latest question is in regards to transitioning from Rotor Craft to Fixed Wing. Scott writes: “I am interested to learn more about your Trans States and Envoy Air Rotary Transition programs.”

What is the required commitment upon signing on with one of these transition programs? How much of a sign-on bonus am I eligible for and can it be used to pay for the required 250 ATP hours? Finally, what is the process to learn what VA benefits I may be eligible to use toward flight training?

Envoy currently uses another flight school as their provider and shortly CSA will be adding Horizon to the program.

Trans States Airlines allots military pilots $30,000 towards this transition and VA will pay up to $13,030. So there is a total of $43,030 that is available to get the ratings and use towards the 250 PIC flight hours needed.

Each applicant must find out for themselves how much VA funding they are eligible for. CSA can assist them if necessary.

Please apply with the airline of your choice. Contact Cornerstone Aviation and we can give you a personal estimate which the airline will require along with a signed agreement from the applicant and CSA.