Pilot Questions: Beginning your flight training

As part of our series “My view from the front seat”, where we allow anyone to submit questions to the CEO of Cornerstone Aviation, we were recently asked a very common question… “How do I get started?”

At CSA it is very easy. Just come in with your identification paperwork (driver’s license to prove residency and birth certificate or passport to prove citizenship). We will have you fill out some forms here and set you up with a profile on our software.

Once complete, we ask you some very basic questions to figure out what your end goal may be. Are you a recreational flyer, only wanting to do this for fun? Are you the traditional student, in college or working full time so you can only fly on weekends or maybe two or three times a week? Or are you wanting to jump in with both feet and make flying your career of choice? Whichever pilot you are, CSA has a program for you. You don’t have to go at a set pace. Decide what works for you and it’s that easy. CSA will literally help you every step of the way to help you succeed. 

Additionally we were asked another common question which goes hand in had with the above… “How do you pay for all the training costs?”  

Flying isn’t cheap, but the payoff is well worth the expense. First year salaries at the Regional Airlines can exceed $60,000. The big question is how to secure the funds to get to the career occupation.

Mountain America Credit Union loans Utah residents up to $40,000 as a student alternative deferred loan.

AOPA also has a pilot financing program on their website which helps with extra funding to get it all done.

Pilot Finance also offers student loans for individual ratings.

You can review each of these options as well as learn about available scholarships here.