My View From The Front Seat

For those who don’t know me, I’m the owner of Cornerstone Aviation. I began my flight instructing career managing several flight schools throughout the mid-west. While working with Flight Safety International, I became their Chief Flight Instructor for the Cessna Citation program. As time passed, I moved into the aircraft manufacturing industry, where I became an experimental flight test engineer on the Cessna Citation jet for Cessna Aircraft Company. From there I was hired by National Airlines and became the company’s first and only female airline pilot. National merged with Pan American World Airways and, once again, I became that industry giant’s first female pilot. Fast forward to 2003 when my  son and I opened this flight school and have been running a successful operation ever since.

What makes us successful? Our great employees and students of course. Without good support we would have closed long ago. Cornerstone Aviation prides itself on educating students to become safe and proficient pilots. We also mentor our students and instructors to help them achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Bottom line, we want them to succeed.

On a weekly basis I am going to answer student questions and also give my “professional” insight and opinion on flight training and career goals.

So with that said, if you have any particular questions regarding flight training or aviation in general, simply use the form below and I will respond with helpful information to guide you. We will also be featuring many of the questions within our weekly blog posts in an effort to help as many people as possible.  

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