Multi-Engine Rating

A Multi-Engine Rating may be added to either a Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Certificate. This rating allows appropriately type-rated pilots to fly any Multi-Engine aircraft, from piston to jet. The training curriculum is typically incorporated into the Commercial Pilot syllabus under the Part 141 program. This allows for the most effective use of flight time and is also the most cost conscious way to complete a Commercial Multi-Engine license. However, the Multi-Engine program may also be completed as a separate training program, with most students completing the training in 10 hours of flight time.

Ground School 16 hrs $250
Aircraft Rental – Multi 10 hrs $312/hr $3,120
AATD Rental 5 hrs $75/hr $375
Flight Instruction 15 hrs $58/hr $870
Pre/Post Briefings 5 hrs $58/hr $290
Books & Materials $100
FAA Tests (flight) $500
TOTAL $5,505

Based PA44-180 at FAA Part 141 minimum training requirements.

Aircraft Fuel Surcharge prices are included in Aircraft Rental rates based as of 9/01/2014