Commercial Pilot – Multiengine Land

As the name implies, Commercial Pilots can be paid to fly aircraft. Commercial Pilots must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of 250 hours of flight time (175 hours under CSA accelerated Part 141 curriculum). Typically, Commercial Pilots will have already received an Instrument Rating and must have a FAA Class II medical.

The Commercial Pilot training curriculum is the longest CSA course. Commercial training is a culmination of all the students’ prior training and knowledge. Students are challenged to grow as pilots by mastering airmanship, navigation, aeronautical concepts (such as aerodynamics, weather, aircraft systems, and FAA regulations), and decision-making skills. A large part of the training syllabus includes solo cross-country flight, to help students mature as aviators.

Training DescriptionTotal HoursTotal Cost
Commercial Pilot CourseTotal: 95$24,807
Aircraft Rental – Single Engine58 @ $169 / Hour$9,802
Aircraft Rental – Multi-Engine (includes 3 hours for FAA check ride)25 @ $316 / Hour$7,900
AATD Rental12 @ $75$900
Flight Instruction (With CFI and Check Instructors)53 45 @ $58 / 8 @ $65$3,130
Ground Instruction (Briefings with CFI and Stage Checks)40 32 @ $58 / 8 @ $65$2,376
CPL Ground School (includes ATC and study hall assistance)35$449
MEL Ground School20$250

Based on C172 and Tecnam P2006T Glass Cockpit multiengine aircraft at FAA Part 141 minimum training requirements and already owning the CSA  IFR/Commercial kit.

Fuel Surcharges are included in pricing as of 9/01/2015