Accelerated Programs

CSA Accelerated Training 

CSA offers an Accelerated Training Program for Commercial bound pilots. CSA’s custom Part 141 training syllabus enables students to move from no flight time at Lesson 1 to Commercial-Multiengine Pilot in just 9-11 Months! Students receive ground and/or flight training at least 5 days a week throughout the training program.

CSA’s Accelerated Training Program is the most efficient way to complete the flight training process and become a Commercial Pilot. Students save time and money by focusing on flight training. Additionally, in a career where seniority means everything, students completing CSA’s Accelerated Training Program move well ahead of their peers in career progression. Even if you already have part of your flight training complete, or hold a license and/or rating, CSA can create a custom syllabus for you to complete your Commercial license.

College Credit is available for the training completed in the CSA program. CSA is VA approved for military students to utilize VA funding; other financial aid is available. Housing and transportation are also available through CSA.

Complete programs begin several times per year-check the calendar for the next start date-you can even join in to complete your training if you already have your private and instrument rating; contact CSA for more information.


Tired of having your flight training delayed due to your school’s restrictive scheduling? Join CSA for one semester and begin an Accelerated Training Curriculum to complete your next license or rating. Using CSA’s Accelerated Training Programs, students have completed multiple licenses/rating in just one semester. CSA will devote a skilled instructor to you and ensure that you have access to fly as much as possible.

FAA Part 141 Approved. VA Approved. Financial Aid, College Credit, and Housing available.