Flight Training

Begin Your Aviation Adventure

At CSA, there is no up front contract or commitment. You pay as you go after each flight. Remember, if you need help financing your training, CSA can assist you.

CSA will assign you a flight instructor that will work well with both your schedule and personality; then you will create a plan together to meet your aviation goals. Generally each flight lesson takes about 2 hours, with about an hour in the airplane and the remaining time used for pre and post flight learning with your instructor. Pre and Post ground time is a key component to the learning process, and offers an opportunity for you to review concepts, asks questions and review the day’s flight lesson.

CSA conducts flight training 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Your flight training schedule can be tailored around your personal schedule at your own pace.

Training Process

CSA has two options for ground training, in class and home study, which are both FAA Part 141 certified. CSA offers formal FAA certified ground school classes. We highly recommend enrolling in the formal ground schools. Students are able to interact with the instructor, ask questions and learn from one another. All of our ground schools are taught by our premier instructors and utilize the latest multimedia teaching aids. Ground schools are taught at a variety of days and times, from two nights a week to all day Saturday classes. Give CSA a call to enroll in the next class.

If your schedule will not accommodate one of our formal ground schools, we also offer home based training. Our home based ground school is an interactive computer course that will allow you to study at your own pace and on your own time frame.

Flight training will be individually schedule to work around the demands of your professional and personal life. You will work with your flight instructor on a private basis as you complete the requirements of your training syllabus. During the training process, you will also have “Stage Checks” with a CSA Check-Airman. He or she will give you an invaluable objective review on how you are progressing. All this is designed to provide the best training available. By the time you are ready, you will be comfortable and confident in the cockpit. 

At the end of your training there are two required FAA tests: a written knowledge test and a practical test while flying the airplane. (Don’t worry, CSA will ensure that you are well prepared for both exams. In fact CSA maintains over a 92% first time pass rate for all our students; well above the national average) All tests can be completed at the FAA certified CSA Testing Centers.

Lower your training time and cost. Two things that YOU can do:

  1. Be prepared. Come to your lessons prepared and full of questions for your instructor. Actively participate in your training. Keep up with the lessons in your ground school. Make the effort to get the most out of your training. Ask questions about everything.
  2. Fly regularly. Two to four lessons a week is great. It doesn’t matter to us, but the more regularly you fly, the quicker you build on what you have learned, and your retention of the material is greater , thus you can save time and money in the process!