Finance Your Training

It is no secret that the cost of flight training can be expensive. This should not stop you from achieving your goals. CSA has done the research for you and is here to say, there are affordable options. Below is a list of ways to take the stress out of financing your flight training. Consider the following:

Trusted Flight Organizations:

AOPA offers a credit line with cash backs incentive for various amounts/interest rates based on approved credit. Learn more about AOPA’s Flex Aviation Loans today.

Aviation Scholarships:

There are many ways to fund your flight training, and a scholarship might be the perfect fit for any student. CSA compiled a list of reputable scholarship funds available to flight students who qualify. Take a moment to view our scholarship list and see if any fit your needs.

Matt Kamenev Scholarship:

This particular scholarship is available to CSA students and is one we hold close to our hearts. Matt was a much admired pilot who trained at Cornerstone Aviation and SLCC. He earned his Private Pilot license on September 19, 2014 and was a day away from his Instrument Rating check ride, when he tragically lost his life in a skiing accident at Brighton Ski Resort. His family wanted to help future students follow the same dreams Matt had. They generously offer financial aid to qualifying students each year. Take a moment to view Matt’s story and see if you qualify.

Financial Institutions:

Flying isn’t cheap, but the payoff is well worth the expense. First year salaries at the Regional Airlines can exceed $60,000.   The big question is how to secure the funds to get to the career occupation.

Mountain America Credit Union loans Utah residents up to $40,000 as a student alternative deferred loan.

Pilot Finance also does student loans for individual ratings. Learn mare at