FAA Testing Center

Computer Assisted Testing Service, Inc. (CATS) founders were aviation professionals involved in flight training including simulators, air charter, and Fixed Base Operators at local airports. In 1991, CATS welcomed the opportunity to broaden its business services to the aviation community as the Federal Aviation Administration was looking to computerize its Airmen and Mechanics knowledge based examinations. CATS developed the software, and hardware configurations for the administration of these 70 different exams. This investment was rewarded with the selection of CATS as one of only three FAA Computer Testing Designees in the world.

CSA offers students the ability to complete any FAA knowledge Test onsite at the CSA Testing Centers in SLC and OGD. Tests must be pre-scheduled and pre-paid directly from CATS testing services.

To schedule a FAA Knowledge Test call CATS at 1-800-947-4228 or visit the CATS website or Comira website.


Their new name is PSI as they have merged with LaserGrade testing facilities.