FAA Approved Commercial Pilot Certification Program

The Traditional Way

Is becoming a commercial airline pilot something you have always dreamed of? Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a commercial airline pilot? Understandably there is plenty of hard work and some financial cost to making your dreams become reality, but it is not as bad as you might think.

It is a known fact that all 141 schools have the current Commercial Pilot Certification program which takes 120 hours of flight training to accomplish. This is obviously rigorous and time consuming, but upon completing the course, you can begin the path towards becoming a Commercial Pilot.

What if we told you there is a faster, more efficient way that will also cost less $ ?

Then There’s The CSA Way

All of us here at Cornerstone Aviation want to see you succeed. We are able to offer you quality flight training with top notch instructors, and we will help you achieve your goals. Our new FAA Approved Commercial Pilot Certification program is only 95 hours (compare to the above 120), so it saves our students 25 hours of flight time. This equates to $4,225 in savings.  That is a substantial amount of money!

Now is the time to take advantage and jump start your career in aviation. Contact us today for more information about our new Commercial Pilot program.


“From flying a Tecnam at Cornerstone to an Airbus at Frontier! Thanks Susan and Cornerstone Aviation for Everything!”

~  Andrew Cater