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Excellence in Aviation Education

We strive to provide the absolute best for our students.

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Safety - Proficiency - Professionalism

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Cornerstone Aviation

We are Utah's premier flight school.

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Scholarships available to all students.

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Cornerstone Aviation

Utah's premier flight school.

Combining years of aviation experience and modern equipment with a fun and friendly operation.

CSA was founded to create a Flight Training Center that focuses on safety, proficiency and professionalism. CSA is far more than just a flight school. Our entire company is based around the goal of Excellence in Aviation Education. Rather than simply train pilots for check-rides, CSA educates and molds each student into safe, competent pilots capable of flying in the real world with their own families on board.

Choosing to pursue a career in aviation is wonderful. The ability to fly, go where you want to go, and make money while doing it is truly rewarding. Every day can be an adventure. We understand you will have questions about the industry before, during and after your training. No need to worry. CSA can guide you every step of the way.

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What makes Cornerstone Aviation the best choice for your aviation career training? At CSA we are determined to offer the absolute best in flight training to our students. We take great pride in seeing our students succeed and accomplish their aviation goals.

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Pilot Pathway to Piedmont Airlines

This program allows you to flight train with CSA, leading you to a fast track job at Piedmont Airlines and guaranteed flow-through to American Airlines.

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CSA Aircraft Maintenance

With over 45 years combined of expert aircraft maintenance experience, we offer quality service and competitive rates.

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Real words from real students and pilots!
  • "From flying a Tecnam at Cornerstone to an Airbus at Frontier! Thanks Cornerstone Aviation for Everything!"
    Andrew CaterAndrew CaterFrontier Airlines
  • "I'm working to earn a private pilot license and am enjoying the CSA training immensely. I've been pleased with the quality of instruction provided thus far by the very professional Cornerstone team. Once I have my PPL, I plan to stay with Cornerstone and work on an instrument rating. I'm learning to fly purely for fun, but under Cornerstone's FAA-approved Part 141 program I feel as if I'm training toward becoming an airline pilot. I like that, because I want friends and family to feel safe when I take them flying."
  • "As a past instructor for CSA, I am so appreciative for all I have learned. Now I am with Skywest and loving every minute of it."
    Cam HowellCam HowellSkywest